January, 2005
"My experience using alpaca fibre was very illuminating. Over the years I have crafted garments with many different types of yarn with both good and bad results. I was very impressed with the silky texture and the fact that the yarn didnít split or tangle and the finished garment always holds its shape. It was a pleasure to work with."
Bev Sorensen, Lake Country, BC

October, 2004
"Thank you again for an unbelievably wonderful experience meeting you and staying on your fabulous farm. We have fallen in love with alpacas and Jack has been searching the internet to learn more about possibly having some. Wish you could hear the ooooos and ahhhs of the people I have shown the heavenly fleece and wonderful things I purchased from you. We have more photos of your wonderful place than all the other places on our trip!!! So fun!!! I have not started spinning the fleece yet, too many other projects and of course my massage work takes up the days it seems. Must thank you too for the BEST tomatoes I have ever tasted that you shared with us (must be the alpaca "gold" your husband uses!) Also, the salsa was a delicious treat on our trip and I loved thinking it came from you! Give special hugs to your lovely "girls" and "boys". They touched our hearts as did you. Thanks again for your hospitality. Please keep in touch."
Elizabeth Bensen & Jack Risdon, Carpinteria, CA (near Santa Barbara)

May, 2004
"Thank you for inviting us to see your alpacas. We really enjoyed it and it was a great experience. I have no idea how you keep track of all of them and also remember their names. The only one I remember is Michael Jackson. My mom said there was quite a resemblance. My sister loved the alpacas too and remembers their very big, brown eyes. Visiting your Alpaca Farm was the highlight of our trip from Calgary to the Okanagan."
Susan Shearer with daughters, Ellie and Natalie, Calgary 

June, 2003
"I bought this alpaca roving (Sarah's fibre) at the Tulahead spinning retreat in June, 2003. I wanted to make a soft, cozy, light weight shawl. I could hardly wait to get home and spin the fibre. The alpaca was lovely to spin and I plyed it with one strand of tussah silk to make it go further. The finished yarn measured 20 wraps per inch. For Christmas that year I received a copy of Cheryl Oberle's "Folk shawls" and after calculating yardage and gauge, I knit the "Wool Peddlar's Shawl". The resulting shawl is very light weight but warm and cozy to wear. I love the feel of the alpaca and the silk gives it a bit of sheen." 
Karen Bonter, Port Coquitlam, BC

January, 2003
"I was wondering what you have in the way of fiber, as Lozanneís cria fibre is the most butter soft and yummy stuff ever!"
Liza Della Valentina, Seattle, Washington

November, 2002
"When I saw your hats, I couldnít get over how elegant and fluffy they are-no ragged edge! Wow!
Pat Jeffery, Gunton, Manitoba

July, 2000
"Thank you for hosting a great duvet workshop. Beautiful home, great company, fabulous view. Wow!"
Rebecca Lavell, Maple Ridge, BC

Aout, 2000
"Endroit magnifique ou il ferait bon vivre. Grand merci pour votre hospitalite et tous les bons moments."
Carine Perego, Lausanne, Suisse
Janique Auberson, Sottens, Suisse

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