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Jim & Vanessa with daughter,
Cassandra, feeding the Females.

Susan with sons, Jeremy & Ryan.

Jim with Domingo, one day old.

Salmon Arm Fall Fair:
Viking & Antonio, ribbon winners
 in the Show Ring.

New-born Kimberley with mother, Cassandra.

Mike Roberts, CHBC T.V.,
admiring  Darlene’s handspun,
 handwoven alpaca scarf.

Tracey enjoying a comfy nap.

Misha, our guard dog.

Bugsy, our rescue rabbit.
Lozanne & Cassandra three
weeks old, Sept. 2000.

Viking and Cynthia breeding.

Billie Ann nose-to-nose
with Juanita, full Peruvian.

Our intrepid Shearing Team,
 April, 2004.

Alpacas grazing on the lawn.

Luis, Zachary, and Ambassador.

Jim & Darlene enjoying their Females.

Billie Ann & Charles hanging
out with the Females.



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