ASSOCIATIONS: Alpaca Canada Canadian Llama & Alpaca Association Want info on any breeder or alpaca in Canada? This is the site B. C. Llama & Alpaca Association B. C. Agri-Tourism Alliance Thompson Okanagan Tourism B. C. Travel & Tourism Guide includes   B. C. Arts & Culture The US Registry. Great medical journals to read as well. Natural Fibre Centre, Olds College, AB What’s happening down under in Australia New Zealand Alpaca Association                                  Canadian Camelid Fibre Co-op

HEALTH & WELFARE OF ALPACAS: Supplies such as halters etc. Camelid Research at Ohio State U.  Great links to Camelid Health Articles Well known methods for gentling & training Well worth checking out A great US based supply/equipment source
CHAT LINES: Dedicated to alpacas
FIBRE LINKS: Dedicated to natural fibre enthusiasts. Check out Rebecca Lavell's site. Joybilee Farm in Greenwood, BC

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