We purchased our foundation herd of six bred females and six males from an established local breeder in 1999. Seven years later, our farm was well known with our herd of 35 Alpacas and for the valuable contributions to the Alpaca industry and local Agri-tourism with our farm tours and Gift Gallery. Darlene had become an accomplished Fibre Artist and our 'Alpaca Delights' Gift Gallery was well known for the variety of fashionable, functional Alpaca clothing and accessories, many of which had won awards at various Fibre Festivals and events. This year marks the 15th anniversary of operating Oyama Lake Alpaca Farm and although we have sold our beloved Alpacas to local farms, we continue to offer our fine line of products through the 'Alpaca Delights' Gift Gallery. Darlene continues to create exciting new items and learn new fibre techniques to ensure there will always be exciting and interesting new additions to her gallery. We continue to be open to friends, customers, and tourists from April to November, by appointment . Please phone ahead (250) 548-4004.

Darlene also provides expertise and education about carding, spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, and hand dyeing the natural fibre from her animals. Her early interest in textiles has evolved into a passion for the Fibre Arts which 'feeds her soul'. She also offers consulting services, tailored to specific needs, for the options available at the many Mills that process the raw Alpaca fibre into value added products. 

Guided Tour:  Counsellors from Lake Country Visitor Info Centre
Thrilled with the live birth of Domingo, May 30, 2004

Domingo’s head & two front legs

Mother and Son bonding

Jim drying off new-born

Domingo two hours old

Domingo three hours old


Anna and Domingo ten days old

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